The 3 Centers of Intelligence ~ Guided Meditation & Visualization

· This episode is about exploring 3 human intelligence centers.

· We all function through three different centers of intelligence.

· There is: the head-thinking intelligence center,

·  the body-sensation intelligence center, and the heart-emotion intelligence center.

· We each move in and out of these 3 centers in our day to day lives. Yet each of us has a dominate center that we operate primarily from. Come explore these 3 unique intelligence centers and through this rich process of self inquiry you may be surprised and inspired by what you discover about yourself and how you tend to operate.

· Program note: you may want to check out Byron Katie’s dissolving limiting beliefs called “The Work” as one possible resource. Also in the audio I want to reference the teachings of C. Myss that I included as she is the one who teaches about eliminating certain words from your vocabulary such as: blame, deserve, and guilt as a possible spiritual practice. As always you are the boss of you and you know what is best for you. Just sharing some possible resources and there are many out there for you to choose from.

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