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I am an Intuitive Master Coach, Spiritual Guide & Teacher.

With a “splish” “splash” you have surfaced in my rich oasis. If you are feeling “parched” in any area of your life and find yourself “thirsty” and needing relief you have come to the right place. I offer 3 key streams for you to explore to help nourish and enliven your body, mind and spirit. Come explore new methods, that you can imbibe, savour, and feel replenished in your body, mind and spirit.


Splish Splash

Meditation & Visualization and Self Help Podcast

There are two styles of Podcast episodes that I offer. Each has a different take on themes and topics.

In the podcast episodes of guided meditations and visualizations you will be immersed into a multi-sensory exploration into unique topics and themes.

In the second Podcast style called “Deeper Discussions” the listener will have opportunity for deeper self-inquiry and exploration of specific themes and topics.


What I Offer

Private Workshops

I offer 3 Distinct powerful streams of self-inquiry, exploration, embodiment practices and exercises.


Intuitive Readings

I help clients with four key areas of life: relationships, career, finances, and future goals. Insights from an intuitive reading can be life changing, revealing deep personal truths so you can make new and richly transformative choices in your life.  


Sacred Contracts

Have you asked yourself:  Who Are You, Really?  What is My True Nature? For What Reason was I born? What is my unique genius that I was hard wired to develop and bring into the world? Then you may want to explore Sacred Contracts & realm of Archetypes.


There is much to savor as you discover how you might be sabotaging yourself in your day to day life.

Learn how to empower your choices in this nourishing 3 part video series including 3 meditations and bonus workbooks. 

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