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My Core Offerings

What Path Are You Ready For?

If you’re ready to become a more in-charge, self-aware, conscious, and empowered co-creator of your own life I offer 3 distinct pathways for you to choose from.

Each of my 3 Pathways of Self-Discovery will help you transform your life in unique ways.

Online Course

Fresh New Beginnings Course

Perhaps you are curious about changing your life & want to wade in at your own pace. I offer an excellent online course that leads you step-by-step on how to create fresh new beginnings in your life.

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One-On-One Session

Akashic Record Reading

You may want an intuitive Akashic Record reading that will help you uncover what your head and heart are trying to communicate.

Insights from an intuitive Akashic Record session can be life-changing as profound personal truths come to light.

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One-On-One Session

Discover Your Enneagram Type

Are you ready to access a map and an evolutionary pathway for realizing more of what you desire? The Enneagram as a self-development road map reveals why we behave the ways we do and identifies roadblocks and challenges specific to each of the nine Enneagram Types.

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Create Your Ideal Workday!

I invite you to engage with this unique opportunity to dream, scheme, and strategize what an ideal job or ideal creative project could mean for you.  

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Splish Splash

Meditation & Visualization and Self-Help Podcast

There are two styles of Podcast episodes that I offer. Each has a different take on themes and topics. In the podcast episodes of guided meditations and visualizations, you will be immersed in a multi-sensory exploration of unique topics and themes.

In the second Podcast style called “Deeper Discussions” the listener will have the opportunity for deeper self-inquiry and exploration of specific themes and topics.

Recent Podcast Episodes