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I am an Intuitive Master Coach, Spiritual Guide & Teacher.

With a “splish” “splash” you have surfaced in my rich oasis. If you are feeling “parched” in any area of your life and find yourself “thirsty” and needing relief you have come to the right place. I offer 3 key streams for you to explore to help nourish and enliven your body, mind and spirit. Come explore new methods, that you can imbibe, savour, and feel replenished in your body, mind and spirit.


What I Offer

Dreamwork Sessions

I invite you to experience dream interpretation.  Learn to unpack some of the meaning and connections to your dreams.  It’s a rewarding way to get to know more about what is bubbling up in your life. 


Enneagram Readings

Come explore what the Enneagram is all about. Working with the Enneagram unlocks the secret pathways to help reveal your true essence.

Through an Enneagram Assessment and Interview session you can begin to connect with a specific pathway to greater self-awareness. 


Non-Linear Movement

The Non-Linear Movement Method® (NLMM) is a powerful somatic method and is designed to support your nervous system by facilitating release and integrating, mind, emotion, and body. Come discover more about this brilliant somatic method and create a personal practice for yourself.


Splish Splash

Meditation & Visualization and Self Help Podcast

There are two styles of Podcast episodes that I offer. Each has a different take on themes and topics.

In the podcast episodes of guided meditations and visualizations you will be immersed into a multi-sensory exploration into unique topics and themes.

In the second Podcast style called “Deeper Discussions” the listener will have opportunity for deeper self-inquiry and exploration of specific themes and topics.