Akashic Record Reading

Imagine knowing what your heart and mind are trying to communicate to you.

Insights from an Akashic Record reading can be life-changing, revealing deep, personal truths.

What lies beneath your current level of awareness?

Having an Akashic Reading helps you uncover why you are feeling stuck. 

Through an Akashic reading, you can pinpoint what is going on in your life. This can empower you to move forward with more clarity and make decisions that get you out of frustrating stuck places.

What Are the Akashic Records:

Akashic Records are like a limitless energetic library that holds all the thoughts, experiences, and feelings that have ever occurred. The Akashic Records have been traced back and referenced in every spiritual tradition for millennia. Each tradition has its references to this energetic Universal Library.

Your personal Akashic Record can provide you with knowledge about your stuck patterns and how to move through them.

The Akashic Reading Experience

  • Understand more about your stuck patterns of thinking, feeling and acting. Gain focus on the areas of your life where you are struggling. These new insights can open you up to new solutions for old struggles.
  • Experience releasing issues that you are ready to let go of, like old limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from unlocking your true potential.  When you let go of anchors, you gain more freedom to choose and manifest new outcomes for your life.
  • Become receptive to your intuitive guidance and tap into your inner wisdom. You can begin to cultivate this connection within yourself. Imagine having more access to your inner self as you navigate through challenges in life. You are your strongest ally.
  • Gain a better understanding of how you are struggling. You can become capable of making more conscious choices and claim more of what you desire. You are the co-creator of your own life.

I feel called to help people transform their lives.

During an Akashic reading with me, I will help you uncover new opportunities to identify more clearly some of your patterns and behaviours that keep you feeling stuck. I will help guide you as you receive new insights into how to navigate through stuck places in your life.

I’m Theresa Andersen, an Intuitive Master Life Coach specializing in Akashic Readings & Coaching.


I bring my extensive training in personal development, including my intuitive skills, coaching methods, practices and healing exercises into each session. I help you let go of what is not serving your life currently.

By training through The Center for Akashic Healing with Master Healer/Teacher Brynne E. Dippell, Ph.D., you can feel confident in my ability to give you a very personalized and meaningful Akashic reading.

“I gained a new perspective during my session and have a new outlook and freedom having felt I was able to let go of some long-held beliefs that were affecting my life. I feel lighter and more hopeful about new possibilities in my life.”

– Bill G.m, South Africa

“I was amazed at what came through for guidance during the session that seemed to resonate so profoundly with me. It made sense and it was healing. I realize I have the ability, capacity to let go of things I wasn’t even aware of holding for so long.”

– Claire M., Boulder Colorado


What do we focus on?

In an Akashic Record reading, we can focus on how you are doing in all areas of your life. We can spend some time exploring what you are ready to let go of which can provide you with more freedom.

Insights from an intuitive Akashic Record session can be life-changing as deep personal truths come to light. 

  • You might be frustrated with an intimate friendship or work relationship that needs a positive shift.  
  • You may find that you are stressing about career or work choices and feeling wilted and tired each day.
  • You might find yourself constantly thinking about a brighter future but unsure how to make these plans come to life. You understand things have got to change, yet no clear pathway seems to be there for you to follow.

No matter what you are dealing with in your current life, you can receive guidance and information about how to work through it or work with what is.

Akashic Record Reading

One-on-One Session 1 Hour

Meet virtually with Theresa Andersen to uncover your inner self.

How an Akashic Record Reading works:

During an Akashic Record session, I enter into those records and access your unique blueprint.

Within the session, I will share information, intuitive impressions and guidance for you to consider.


Akashic Record Reading
An Akashic Reading can shift you into new levels of awakening and transformation.
1 hour session with Theresa Andersen