Energy Chakras – A Guided Meditation & Visualization

Today we will explore the concept of Energy Chakras, through a guided meditation and visualization.

Chakras are the energy centers in our body through which energy flows. There are 7 distinct chakras that align within the body.

In this meditation we will focus on the first 3 chakras, and the other 4 chakras will be explored in a future podcast episode.

I hope this chakra meditation – visualization experience will be interesting, and informative for you.  You will have opportunities to send healing energy to help balance and clear some stuck energy out of these 3 chakra areas of your body.

There are many ways that people try to balance their chakras and meditation is one way. A few other ways are: sound therapy; aromatherapy; chanting mantras;  and doing yoga poses. There are many others that you can research into if your are inspired to learn more.

I would like to acknowledge one of my favourite spiritual teachers Caroline Myss, and her chakra teachings. Her interpretations of the chakra centers and energy systems have inspired me to create this for you. Enjoy.

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