Heart Chakra Guided Meditation & Visualization

I am focusing this podcast episode specifically on the 4th Chakra known as the heart Chakra.  

It is a key powerhouse chakra as from its middle position it meditates between the 3 lower body chakras, and the 3 upper body chakras. The heart chakra is thought to be where these energies come together to achieve more harmony in the body, mind and spirit. Come explore this center and learn more about ways to tap into your own heart and love energy.

If you would like you can also find a podcast episode on the lower 3 chakras to listen to, and look for an episode coming up in which I will offer an episode on the upper 3 chakras.  

There is a lot of different information out there for you to explore regarding the Chakra systems.  I invite you to check out and research what is of interest to you, and see what resonates for you.  

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