Vision Quest Part 1 ~ Guided Meditation & Visualization


Join me as your guide on this adventure and journey as you parachute into a desert for part one of a vision quest. Part one of the vision quest involves getting to the desert location, setting up camp and becoming orientated to a few of nature’s elements like the sun the moon, fire, earth, and air.  Get introduced to a totem animal. Learn about a “dream catcher,” and call in some new visions in this Part one guided mediation and visualization. Sometimes just showing up with courage is the best place to start to engage in new territories and having a trusted guide like Johnny

Haven’t you always wondered what it might be like to have the courage to try something that is out of your regular comfort zone perhaps for some it is learning to parachute out of a plane. Symbolically it takes courage to parachute into any new territory where we know on some level we are being called to engage and yet it feels a bit scary perhaps like it very likely can when learning to literally jump out of a plane and take a big leap of faith. Whether a big leap or faith is on your horizon or even a baby step leap of faith its about cultivating trust in yourself that you can handle what may come out of experiencing the unknown and how things might land so to speak. 

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