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There are two styles of podcast episodes that I offer. Each has a different take on themes and topics. In the podcast episodes of guided meditations and visualizations you will be immersed into a multi-sensory exploration into unique topics and themes. In the second Podcast style called “Deeper Discussions” the listener will have opportunity for deeper self-inquiry and exploration of specific themes and topics.

Your Host & Spiritual Guide

Theresa Andersen

I share the best self-development knowledge, tools and practices that I have learned over the last 3 decades from the best experts in my field. 

I can help you identify, and get clear around what will nourish you in your life that would bring you more contentment and ease.

I can teach you how to build a life that is meaningful to you. 

  • Connecting Yourself to Love – Guided Meditation & Visualization

    Enjoy becoming immersed in heart energy.  This podcast episode will help you experience a pathway to connect to your own energetic field of love.  Anytime you are feeling you want to recalibrate if you are feeling upset, frustrated or challenged you can  reaffirm your connection…

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  • photo of ferris wheel in amusement park

    Amusement Land Guided Meditation & Visualization

    Summary Who doesn’t want to identify new ways to be amused and delighted in their lives?  Don’t we all want to cultivate more fun, playfulness, and a lightheartedness? Come learn about yourself in this Amusement land adventure.  Learn through experiencing a few amusement land activities….

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  • down angle photography of red clouds and blue sky

    How to Cultivate Your Intuition – Deeper Discussions Episode

    Are you wanting to learn more about how intuition & how to cultivate it?  This podcast is lively, exciting & jammed packed with our jewels of wisdom around intuition. Join me & my special guest Marnie Bosmann, as we give you some of our best…

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  • yellow steel bathtub

    Revitalize Restart Reboot – Guided Meditation & Visualization

    Feeling “Blah”?  Come explore how you can move from feeling “blah” to thriving. Learn to take action with powerful small steps that can help get you revitalized and on your way to thriving more.  Check out free downloadable audio and workbook how to “Create an…

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  • brown and white stallions running in a field

    Re Wild Yourself ~ Guided Meditation & Visualization

    Are you ready to Re – Wild yourself?  Are you feeling disconnected from your own inner wildness?  Come engage your senses and see how the wilds of nature can inspire you.  If you feel that you  have become to lesser or greater degree disconnected, numbed…

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  • two man sitting on pink flower field

    Energetic Field of Love – Guided Meditation & Visualization

    Want to tap into the energetic field of love?  In today’s meditation and visualization we will be placing our attention and focusing in on how to better tap into the energetic field of love. You will have opportunities to explore, build and expand your capacity…

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  • foamy sea washing sandy beach

    Refuge From Sand Storms – Guided Meditation & Visualization

    · We can get caught up in sand storms in our lives as it were. Through this guided meditation  exploration, you will receive some ideas about, how you can engage and have good strategies to deal with a whole spectrum of gritty sand storms.  Whether…

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  • yellow duckies in line on a concrete floor

    Shifting Forms – Getting into the flow – Guided Meditation & Visualization

    Come experience some exciting and inspiring ways to shape shift forms.  In today’s meditation and visualization, you will be taken on a imaginative journey to a delightful winter environment. While there you will have several unique opportunities to be creative and play with the theme…

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  • photo of woman holding a green paper

    Happiness Is – Deeper Discussion Episode

    Listen to this lively and inspiring “Happiness is,” episode with my guest.    We will  unpack helpful insights tips and hints around how to unlock more happiness everyday.  “Today is a good day to build a better day.” Hope you will join us. — Send in…

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  • woman holding a smiley balloon

    Happiness – Guided Meditation & Visualization

    · In this episode we will be placing our attention and focusing in on the theme of happiness. What is your definition of happiness for you personally? Becoming aware of what happiness means to you and then setting out to expand some aspect of happiness…

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With a “splish” “splash” you have surfaced in my rich oasis. If you are feeling parched in any area of your life and find yourself thirsty and needing relief you have come to the right place.

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