Vision Quest Part 2 ~ Guided Meditation & Visualization

Since ancient times people have sought out experiences in the wilds of nature in order to seek guidance and renewal by going on a Vision Quest.

*In order to help you prepare for this guided meditation & visualization so that you come into the Vision Quest with an intention, you may want to pause for a moment and ask yourself a few of these questions to help prime your pump. On this vision quest are you seeking  inspiration and to receive insights, and guidance around any of these areas: Are you desiring to open up to a new direction and vision in your life? are you wanting to look at and resolve any conflicts that have been holding you back around a specific event or situation? There are many other questions that can lead you to an intention that fits for you. I invite you now to come along to explore Vision Quest part two. Know too that you can listen to Part One Vision Quest Episode first but you don’t need to benefit from this episode. I designed these two episodes to stand alone as well the two of them together  are like building blocks, that dovetail to offer a rich 2 Part exploration.  Enjoy.

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