You have now gained access to my Guided Meditation and Visualization Workbook to help support you in Creating your Ideal Workday.

Within these tools, you will have many opportunities to explore and plan what your career and life will look like.

I hope this resource inspires you, challenges you, and helps you overcome any obstacle in your way.

What to do first:

Before listening to the guided meditation set an intention to focus your attention and imagination upon either: 

  • Dreaming and scheming about what you would want for Ideal work.
  • Dreaming and scheming about what would be an ideal creative project you would like to bring into the world.
    Tip: choose whichever stream makes you feel the most passionate, enlivened, and motivated to bring into your life.

I suggest you listen to this Guided Meditation at least once.
You can pause the recording at any time if you want to reflect and ponder for a few more moments about something. Know too that you can listen to this podcast as often as you would like.

After listening to the guided meditation you can download the Visualization Workbook that accompanies this exploration. You can begin to answer some of the questions and writing prompts.


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