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G-Glimpse Guided Visualization

Hi I’m Theresa Andersen, your Spiritual Guide & Teacher. With a “Splish” “Splash” you have surfaced in my oasis. If you are feeling parched in any area of your life and find yourself thirsty and need relief you have come to the right place.
• I offer three unique streams of podcasts for you to explore to help nourish and enliven your body, mind and spirit.
I will be talking about everything from A-Z as it relates to living an enlivened and juicy life. You will benefit by learning, when you feel things are a little out of whack in your life.


From A to Z:

  (Video) on  G- Glimpse.   Today this one minute video will inspire you to glimpse and look into your own life.   You are intuitive and can learn to tap into your own guidance systems.  By recognizing more of your own true nature your glimpses can help to inform you by adding clarity.  Clarity can connect you to choice and choice is where your power is moment by moment.  I encourage you to wonder and wander into your own sacred pool.  Watch this video.


Introduction to Meditation

Meditation Podcast

• Hi and welcome, I am Theresa Andersen; your spiritual guide and teacher. In this meditation & guided visualization you will have a wonderful opportunity to experience receiving “GLIMPSES” into your current life and future.
• Hint before listening to this audio session, It’s a good time to set your intention around what you want to glimpse more of in your life.
• During this guided visualization there will be opportunity for you to begin receiving hints, hunches, and information regarding what you are wanting more clarity and guidance on in your life.

Here is the first thing to do once you finish the meditation:  You may want a note book and a pen for when you are finished with the meditation & guided visualization to capture some of the insights and glimpses that you receive. Thank you for joining me.

Theresa Andersen

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