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If you want to: smooth out your nervous system;  process emotions;  release tension; create more intimacy with your sensations, feelings, and natural instincts; non-linear movement is a powerful entry point.  This method invites you to explore, experience, and connect with your body’s natural genius, intelligence and inner wisdom.  You can learn to access more fully your inner sensory somatic world and commune with your own unique and luminous song that resides within your body.

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Level One of this offering is about learning how to cultivate levels of heart centered connection and intimacy between you and another.   You can learn through exploring a set of techniques and exercises to become more present, attentive, through engaging in a heart centered focus.  If you are want to feel more connected to yourself and another you may want to explore this stream of learning.

Level 2 Intimacy & Attraction & Erotic Friction –  Further exploration within this stream of learning provides opportunities to explore the play of masculine and feminine for strong sexual polarity, and erotic friction.

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If you are “thirsty” for healthier connection with yourself and to other like minded women, you may want to immerse yourself in this offering.

I invite every woman who comes to the Wild Woman’s Circle to: show up as they are; to be in their own true nature; and to explore self-inquiry practices  within a supportive and nurturing circle of women. There is a whole range of spiritual practices and exercises that you can use in order to experience more of your own true nature.

Every time the circle meets there is a new theme and focus.  This brings a vast richness of material that each woman can choose to wade or dive into.

It is lovely to know that in a constant sea of change in life, you can learn to navigate in new ways as you discover new insights about yourself and others.


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