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Wild Woman’s Circle™

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In the current seas in your life, where do you feel weighed down and struggling to stay afloat or wanting more freedom and lightness? Do you want kinship with other like-minded women and a rich environment to delve into the depths of your own “nature”? Then you may want to consider joining a Wild Woman’s Circle™ to enrich your life.

What can I expect?

In these enlivening sessions you will have rich opportunities to explore, participate, and connect to your own inner wisdom.  Come and get to know yourself more deeply and intimately.

Through self-inquiry exercises, spiritual practices, and rituals, you will cultivate connection to yourself and other women in a supportive and enriching way.  I invite you to explore the realms of women’s practice and create heartfelt connection in your own life and with other women.

The Wild Woman’s Circle™ serves as a means to radically deepen your personal understanding of traversing and immersing into the feminine realms, from light to dark.

Take aways from the program

Women’s circles can offer many rich opportunities that invite one into that exploration of getting to know one’s true nature and self through: check ins; spiritual practices; exercises; and rituals. Each woman who attends the circle has opportunities to explore their own unique nature. Women are invited to connect or reconnect to themselves as part of an on-going process in each new session.

To feel heard by another and to be witnessed is a powerful gift women can give to each other within a woman’s circle.

Enhance your life

I invite you to explore new facets of self-inquiry within this supportive environment of the Wild Woman’s Circle™. There will be opportunities to have a voice, to be heard and to learn from others.   You may find yourself flourishing and coming to a new discovery about your own unique nature.

Here is a rough snapshot of what you can expect

Self Reflection 0
Interaction with group 0
Meditations – Spiritual Practices 0
Body movement 0