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Theresa Andersen > Non Linear Movement Session

Non Linear Movement Session


In this private 50-minute guided session via Zoom, you will be introduced to the Non-Linear Movement method. Through NLM™ practices there are opportunities to learn about your own nature through body movement as you explore your emerging bodily sensations.

To sense, to perceive, and to feel are all part of the unspoken language of the body.
NLM is designed to support your nervous system by facilitating release and intergrating, mind, emotion, and body. All you need is a private place to practice, access to your computer and zoom, and a yoga mat or something similar.
Theresa Andersen is a certified NLM teacher trained by Michaela Boehm world expert in NLM.

Connecting for your practice session:
We use Zoom to connect for our online practice sessions. You will receive the link to the specific Zoom session you registered for via email after signing up.

  • Download or update Zoom prior to connecting for class, we recommend giving yourself at least 15 minutes to do this if you’re doing it right before class, we don’t want you to miss anything.
  • Do you have technical questions about Zoom, here’s their support platform for help:
  • Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes early so we can start promptly and to account for any possible connection troubleshooting.
  • Make sure you have access to audio/sound
  • Participants have said that they had the best results by either connecting speakers to their computers or using wireless in-ear headphones.
  • Here’s more about testing your audio on Zoom
  • Set up a quiet, private area for practice
  • Grab your yoga mat or something similar (a blanket will work)
  • Wear comfortable clothing that you can move in

Starter Kit Instructions For YOU to Prepare Your Space & Set-Up Prior to Zoom Online Platform Session Time:

  • dress comfortably in loose clothing.
  • Place a yoga mat down in a room where you know that you will not be interrupted for at least an hour
  • Turn off your cell phone 
  • Bring your computer into the space that you will be doing your Non-Linear Movement in. Make sure your computer is fully charged and that your computer camera is on and the volume is turned on loud enough as you will want to hear me and to hear the music that will come on once we begin the Non-Linear movement practices.

How To Position Your Computer and Computer Camera to capture your mat and body in your room.