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Non-Linear Movement™

Theresa Andersen > Non-Linear Movement™

“Surrender Like a Duck – Beneath what I try to see is all I need.”

 “The Book of Awakening” Mark Nepo

If you are feeling “bogged” and “dragged” down in the current seas of  your life ask yourself this question.  Does my fast paced life and being busy make me feel disconnected from my own body where I am not sure what I am feeling?  Could I benefit from releasing tension, stress and feelings of stuckness in my body, mind and spirit?  If so you may want to experience the brilliant method of becoming embodied and connected to your own inner genius and body’s wisdom through Non-Linear Movement™ .

What does it mean to be embodied?

In context to Non-Linear Movement™ my personal definition of when I feel embodied is: when I allow myself to “feel into” and to “tune into” whatever is presenting  in my awareness, in the present moment, within my body, mind, and spirit.  It is a process of becoming aware, attending and focusing on the sensations, feelings and thoughts as I become of aware of them.  When I allow and trust my body to move the way it wants to move within the NLM™ practices, there is a genius, a natural intelligence within me that is there to guide me as a wise ally.

Through NLM™ practices there are opportunities to learn about your own nature through body movement as you explore your emerging bodily sensations.  To  sense, to perceive, and to feel are all part of the unspoken language of the body.

What are the benefits?

  •        Smooths out the nervous system
  •        Processes and identifies emotions
  •        Awakens sexual energy and sensual sensation
  •        Releases trauma patterns into flow
  •        Unites mind and body in intimacy with physical sensation
  •        Creates high bodily responsiveness
  •        Opens access to bodily wisdom

What can I expect?

  • What Can I Expect During A Session:
  • You will have a relaxed space in which to sink into and unwind.
  • You will have your own specific space to move your body.
  • That you will be given clear instructions, guidance and prompts during the non-linear movement practices.
  • You will be encouraged to move your body in whatever way your body wants to move.
  • Your non-linear movement practices are private and no other participants will be viewing you as you move your body.
  • Your experience is your own and you are not asked to share your experience.
  • You don’t need to bring anything just arrive and dress comfortably with loose clothing.


  • Understand there are no right or wrong outcomes. Trust and know that you will have your own unique experience.

Enhance your life with Non-Linear Movement™

Connecting with your bodies natural wisdom and intelligence, you can begin to cultivate self-intimacy – connection.   It is through the bodies movement that self-reflection and inner focus will present itself.  I invite you to connect with your innate inner genius, as it is an ally that can help guide you on your journey.

Here is a rough snapshot of what you can expect

Self Reflection 0
Moving your Body 0
Inner Focus 0
Self Intimacy 0

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