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I’m an Intuitive Master Life Coach.

I help clients with four key areas of life: relationships, career, finances, and future goals. Insights from an intuitive reading can be life changing, revealing deep personal truths so you can make new and richly transformative choices in your life.  

What are you struggling with?

Most people ask for my help with four key areas of their lives: relationships, career, finances, and their dreams and goals for the future.

For example, you might feel frustrated and blocked from meeting that “special someone.”  Or you may be feeling trapped in a career that doesn’t make you happy.  Maybe you’re tired or a limiting belief around money you could be ready to let go of the myth that the only way to success is through massive struggle.  Or perhaps you feel a deep sense of frustration about where your life is going – like you’re finally ready to live up to your highest potential, but have no idea where to start.

If you’re struggling with issues like this, then you’re in the right place.  I can help!

What can I expect?

My clients tell me that an intuitive reading can be a real “depth charge.” Really shaking things loose at a deep level. They also tell me that the discoveries can have a real “domino effect” through many areas of their lives. The insights help them see things differently so that they can move forward.

In other words, my clients love the process of taking back their power because they really start seeing how the same pattern keeps showing up.  Once they see that, they can start making new, deeply transformative choices for themselves.

Are we a good match?

The clients I work with are ready for change to happen in their lives.  Some of them are in the middle of what I can a “personal earthquake.” There is a disruption going on and they’re using their discomfort in a positive way.  They’re motivated to do the work to claim and settle the problem once and for all.

Others are looking for a connection to give them some sort of insight.  They feel like something’s “off” but aren’t able to pinpoint it for themselves.  They know they can benefit from a different perspective.

What if it is too scary – what happens if my session dredges up painful issues I can’t handle?

That is a great question and there are two parts to the answer.

First, before I do your reading I set the intention that it’s for your highest good and highest potential.

This also means there’s an intention to take really good care of you so that you’re not blown apart or overwhelmed.  I carry that sense of reverence and kindness through the entire reading.

Second, You can also trust yourself – really trust that your mind’s ability to protect you.  We all have built in “filters” that let us hear only what we’re ready to hear and see only what we’re ready to see.  If there is something that your own deep wisdom isn’t ready to hear, it’s very likely that it won’t even register when we talk about the results of your reading.

I’m a little unsure about this.  How do I know this stuff is for real?

Medical Science is devoting more and more resources to try and understand intuition.  That alone means there’s something very meaningful about the intuitive process

One of my favorite answers comes from Deepak Chopra. He describes intuition as a form of intelligence beyond the rational mind – holistic intelligence based in context and relationship. 

Watch this two minute video! I think you will love listening to Dr. Chopra’s answer to “What is intuition” 

If you can just drum up the vim to send one email or make one phone call, connect with Theresa Andersen, and get her high energy working for you. Theresa will use her natural skill for guidance and her mastery of psychological tools to dig your true self out of the mire, and once that process begins, you'll be amazed how quickly and deeply you'll feel your right life emerging. If you're committed to staying in the same old rut, this is the wrong coach for you. If you're ready for a bigger, more fulfulling life, try a session with Theresa and see how good change can feel.

Martha Beck, PhD

Martha Beck is a nationally-recognized life coach, best-selling author, and monthly columnist for O: The Oprah Magazine

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