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It Takes Two to Tango

Are You thirsty for more heartfelt, honest connections in your relating with others?

“In any relationship whether with a friend, colleague, intimate life partner, or a business partner, it involves the principle of “twoness” or “otherness”.  This principle of “twoness” or “otherness” was called the Dyad by the Ancient Greek philosophers.  The principle of the Dyad is polarity.  Polarity tension occurs in all natural and human affairs.  In any relationship we have with another there are opportunities to learn from each other.  It is in the interrelatedness experiences that we have with anyone where we can find ourselves being mirrored. ” – Michael S. Schneider

What is mirroring?  Through our interactions with another we can become animated in a positive or negative way.  Like electrical charges in batteries we can be drawn to another or feel that we want to pull away from that person.  The charge can be anywhere on a continuum from a subtle pull to feeling very animated negatively or positively so to speak.  For example we can find ourselves feeling a whole range of things as we relate to another on a positive to negative continuum, from: discord, difference, dispute, dissent, disunion, difficult, dilemma, divide, distinct, distance, and doubt just to name a few.

 It is in this mirroring process that we can catch ourselves and become more aware of the “dynamic” that is playing out in any interaction.  Through Intimacy & Attraction™  sessions you can learn how to cultivate heart centered relating that you can use to attend to another in any kind and type of interaction.  This can bring a brand new pattern of enhanced healthy relating that can benefit you as you go about living your day to day life.  

We frequently express a desire to love and be loved, to feel safe in our key relationships, to be known and accepted for who we are – hoping to share our dreams and our failings. We may also desire more conscious relating as we move through our mundane lives on a daily basis with those more casual interactions like talking to the cashier at the grocery store.

From the casual brief interactions with people throughout our day to our most treasured significant relationships including friends, family, life partner, many of us desire to feel more intimately connected.

What is Intimacy then?

When most people hear the word “intimacy” they may think it means sexual intimacy.  It is important to note that there are in fact a few different types of intimacy, other than sexual intimacy.  In order to give context to the word intimacy and its various potential sub types I have included some of the key ones here.

There are other types of intimacy and there is a continuum for each type.

Understanding Types of Intimacy

  • Sexual – typified by mutual sensuality and sexual expression
  • Experiential – feeling a closeness and resonance while engaged in an activity together.
  • Intellectual – feeling a sense of closeness that you are in sync with what the other is thinking. – Like being on the same page with the other person, so to speak.
  • Emotional – typified by feeling that the other person is sharing some similar feelings.  There are a whole range of qualities related here like: vulnerability; trust levels; feeling connected or disconnected to name a few.

In the Intimacy & Attraction™ stream of learning emotional and experiential intimacy is explored through  cultivating heart centered relating.  These skills can be experienced, practiced and enhanced in each session. Practices involve attending to oneself and another through exercises involving heart-centered focus; presence; self-awareness; and awareness of another. 

What are the benefits?

Exploring heart centered practices where:

  • Opportunities to enhance your skill at heart centered relating as you move through a variety of exercises and practices.
  • Learn to hone your ability to attend to yourself and another in heart centered ways.
  • Enhance your capacity to be present and focus on yourself and another more consciously.
  • Opportunities to develop your capacity to love and be loved.

What can I expect?

You can come by yourself as a participant, you don’t need to come with a partner. Partners who come together and wish to solely work together throughout the session and exercises have the option of doing that.

  • You will work on skills of attending, focusing, and becoming more present with heart centered practices.
  • Working in a circle formation you will be facing a partner and working in a pair
  • You will be guided and prompted by me to move to work with a new partner as the practices move throughout the session
  • During the session you will be working with another person.  As the facilitator teacher and guide I will guide you to switch exercises and you will have opportunities to work with other people within the group if you choose to.

Enhance your life

Exploring through rich heart centered exercises with another, you will learn ways to enhance a level of intimacy in any relationship. I invite you to cultivate and explore what it means to attend to another, using presence and heart centred connection in your everyday life

Here is a rough snapshot of what you can expect

Emotional and Experiential Intimacy 0
Interaction with others 0
Self Reflection 0
Cultivating heart connection 0