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Your Spiritual Guide

As a spiritual guide and teacher I provide you with five key streams of learning and exploration pathways to choose from.

Three New Streams

I offer 3 Distinct powerful streams of self-inquiry, exploration, embodiment practices and exercises.

Focus 1: is on inner relating to yourself personally through a body movement method of exploration and discovery of Non-Linear Movement

Focus 2: is an inquiry into relationship building – cultivating presence, attending, & heart-centered connection for enhanced Intimacy and Attraction.

Focus 3: is an offering of Wild Woman’s Circle activities that help to connect women to themselves and to each other in a supportive and enriching way.


Where do you desire more aliveness and sustenance in the current seas of your life?

What is your next step towards wholeness?

Choose any of these 5 streams and you will find something nourishing to sink into.


It Takes Two to Tango

Intimacy & Attraction

Are you thirsty for more heartfelt, honest connection in your relating with others? If so, you may want to enhance your skills at heart centered relating as you move through a variety of exercises & practices.


Where You Belong

Wild Woman’s Circle

Do you want sense of kinship with other like-minded women & a rich environment to delve into the depths of your own “nature?” If so, you may want to consider joining a Wild Woman’s Circle, to enrich your life.


Moving Towards Wholeness

Non Linear Movement

Are you are feeling “bogged” & “dragged” down in the current seas of your life? If so, you may want to experience the brilliant method of NLM, where you can become more embodied & connected to your own inner genius & body’s wisdom.


Know Thyself

Archetypes & Sacred Contracts

Is it time to realize new perceptions about your own true nature? Have you asked yourself: who are you, Really? What is My true nature? For what reason was I born? What is my unique genius that I came hard wired to develop and bring into the world?


Navigating with more Clarity

Intuitive Life Strategist & Readings

Are you in muddy waters & looking for a “depth charge” to gain clarity in one of the four key areas of life: relationships, career, finances, and future goals? Insights from an intuitive reading can be life changing, revealing deep personal truths so you can make new and richly transformative choices in your life.

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