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Archetypes – and Sacred Contracts

Theresa Andersen > Archetypes – and Sacred Contracts

Is it Time to “Realize” new perceptions about your own true nature?

Have you asked yourself:  Who Are You, Really?  What is My True Nature? For What Reason was I born? What is my unique genius that I was hard wired to develop and bring into the world? Then you may want to explore Sacred Contracts & realm of Archetypes.


Lesson 01: What are Archetypes

Short answer:  Archetypes are patterns of power and archetypes are the vocabulary of intuition. “Archetypes are the vocabulary of intuition, and the more familiar we are with them, the more clearly we will resonate with our own intuition.”  [C. Myss]

  • Archetypes are also patterns of power, as archetypes speak to us in the language of myths, and symbols.  For example there are many more then 74 archetypes that C. Myss offers in her Archetypal Gallery Index.  Within the index under each archetype listed you will find a general overview of that archetype. The general energetic blueprint pattern of a specific archetype helps you to see what the challenges inherent within each archetype typically are.       
  • Within the archetypal gallery you will find a list of suggested places to explore threads of a particular archetype further.  Archetypes show up in: popular films; books of fiction & non fiction; myths; religion; folklore; or fairy tales. By seeing an archetype in these forms it helps us to see more clearly the archetypes patterns and challenges.
  • When studying and exploring archetypes it’s important to remember not to take the meaning of an archetype literally. In order to understand a specific archetypal energy and its blueprint we need to see the archetype through a symbolic lens; for archetypes are animated forms of energy.  All archetypes have a unique foundational pattern and specific makeup. However, archetypes are forever morphing, and evolving like we do, as humans over time.  Our shape and form evolves as do archetypes. Each archetype has both light and shadow attributes. When we more consciously explore certain archetypes we have opportunities to discover our life patterns, lessons, and gifts.
  • Each archetype represents a fundamental learning experience or process that is meant to guide us throughout our lives.  

Lesson 02: What is a Sacred Contract

Short Answer:  “A Sacred Contract is an agreement your soul makes before you are born.” The premise is, that each of us makes a wide range of “agreements” regarding all that we are intended to experience and to learn in this lifetime. It compromises not merely what kind of work we do, but also our key relationships.  For there will be people who are there to help us learn the lessons we have “agreed,” to work on.  Each of those relationships represents an individual contract that is part of your overall sacred contract, and may require to be in a certain place at a certain time to be with that person.  [C. Myss]

  • It may help to think of, us, all as, being born, to be on a specific hero’s journey in this lifetime.  We have each been hardwired to resonate with certain people, places and things.  
  • The hero’s journey for each of us is to face challenges, difficulties, and opportunities in order to expand and grow.  We make our way and navigate throughout our lives, evolving and learning life lessons along the way.  It’s how we evolve, and make meaning of our experiences and lives where the lessons become intimate to us.  On our hero’s journey we are, also, challenged to individuate.  One of our tasks is to find our “inner genius,” and explore our own innate gifts and talents. We then have the challenge, opportunities, and choice, to bring into the world, our gifts and to share them.  We each have unique opportunities to be of service to the world.  Our power lies in having choice, healthy self-esteem, and soul esteem.  These can all be cultivated, strengthened and expanded. We can choose to be more conscious “co-creators” and this can influence our  “fate” and/or “destiny.”
  • As we become more conscious and “awake,” we gain a clearer understanding about what motivates us to take “action” and to do what we do.  Sometimes we feel swamped by a life crisis such as: an illness; or a tragedy.  A loss of any significant kind such as: divorce; a death of a loved one; or job; just to name a few are our greatest teachers.  These contracts are where we have our greatest learning opportunities.  When we come to realize and appreciate that within our own energetic archetypal natal chart there is a blueprint of our life.  Within this blueprint also is embedded our soul’s design.

Lesson 03: How do Sacred Contracts and Archetypes go Hand in Hand

Archetypes go hand in hand with the premise of Sacred Contracts.  

Caroline Myss refers to Sacred Contracts as the agreements you make before you’re born to learn certain lessons and work with certain people. Each person has a natal archetypal chart made up of 12 archetypes. 

“Although archetypes are impersonal patterns of influence that are both ancient and universal, they become personalized when they are a part of your individual psyche.  Since your Sacred Contract is embodied in a support system of twelve archetypes, it is best to think of them as intimate companions. They provide the foundation for your personality, drives, feelings, beliefs, motivations, and actions.” [C. Myss]

Figuring out your natal 12 archetypes is very valuable.  Once you know what the other 8 archetypes that you came into the world having (plus the 4 Universal survivor archetypes that we all share in each of our natal charts) you can start to become more clear about is influencing your day to day thoughts, choices, and actions.  Archetypes influence every aspect of our lives. Each of us has a unique blueprint like a snowflake.

Lesson 04: What are the Four Universal Sacred Archetypes?

1. Saboteur Archetype  

2. Victim Archetype  

3. Prostitute Archetype  

4. Child Archetype (has various sub-archetypes.)

  • We each share the 4 universal survivor archetypes in our natal charts.  Whenever we have a crisis, challenge, or tug of war within ourselves, one or more of these 4 survivor archetypes are in play and animated within our lives.
  • By exploring the 4 Universal Survivor Archetypes there are ways in which they can become your inner allies and guardians in your life.  I have created an animated video and workbook series to help educate and connect you to one of the survivor archetypes, known as the Saboteur Archetype.  I invite you to watch the free video series so that you can learn to cultivate a working relationship with the saboteur Survival Archetype. The Saboteur Archetype can become a helpful inner ally and guardian, alerting you to when you are at risk of losing power due to choices and motivations for taking actions in your life.  

After watching the video series and doing the worksheets on the Saboteur Archetype you will have more clarity about what the Saboteur Archetype is all about.

Are You curious? Committed? courageous?:

Curious about finding out what 12 archetypes make up your unique chart of origin? Do you want to have practical yet creative strategies to engage your archetypes?

Committed to finding out where the 4 survival archetypes are at play in your life and how you may be losing power? Do you want to learn how to better manage your power through choice and powerful practices?

Curious about finding out what 12 archetypes make up your unique chart of origin? Do you want to have practical yet creative strategies to engage your archetypes?

Courageous enough to look at your life patterns of myths and stories that you tell yourself and navigate through them to receive more clarity about your life through the lens of Archetypes?

Willing to learn to let go of old patterns and allow yourself to transform? Intrigued to “know what you don’t want to know” about yourself?

What you can expect

If you are curious and want to explore what I offer as an Intuitive Archetypal consultant and Intuitive Life Strategist you may want to consider a one hour reading with me:

In a one hour intuitive archetypal session:  I can help by identifying some of the archetypal energies that are currently influencing you and that are animated and in play, in your life.

“I have been working with Theresa for six months, and it has been a wonderful experience! Her insights and skill at negotiating the “archetypal landscape” have been especially skilful at drawing out insights relating to each of the archetypes as we worked with them. Her humour and persistence make working through the “hard stuff” less like a frightening experience then an archaeological journey of discovery. She is a wonderful advisor and partner on my journey.”


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