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Podcasts A to Z ~ A is For ADMISSION

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Podcasts A to Z ~ A is For ADMISSION

A is for Admission:


Sometimes we are on the cusp of admitting some facet of truth to ourselves. We sometimes need to come clean and admit where things seem to be going and where we are at with things. As well, if we are being honest most of us are looking to get admitted to see something or have access to someone where access is a challenge. Come explore through this guided meditation and visualization forms of admission.

Listen to Podcast on A is for Admission here:


Worksheet for A ~ is For ADMISSION podcast

Instructions: now that you have had an opportunity to listen to the podcast on A ~ is for Admission, you can deepen your dive.   You can go deeper into self-inquiry. Try reflecting on your experiences, and capturing some of your impressions and any a’ha moments that you had during your guided meditation and visualization.

In order to help facilitate your experience, I encourage you to write notes and perhaps answer these questions below in a journal. Remember to be kind, and gentle with yourself as you ponder upon what answers want to arise from within you. If you remain curious, open and reflective your own wisdom and intuition may surprise and comfort you.


  • What was something that surprised you in “truth telling land,”  about your own true nature?
  • Was there something specific that you were able to get more clarity around?
  • Was there something that you were able to come “clean about” and be truthful about?
  • You read the headline that has your name on it and under the heading it states this is what is true about you. it lists in bold lettering the 3 best qualities that are authentic and true about your true nature?
  • Are there three things you wished were true about your self or your life?
  • In the guided meditation and visualization once the dart you are throwing hits the bulls eye board there is a ticker tape that prints off a message for you. Did you have a sense of what the message was for you?   If so, did it resonate with you?   Is there a new idea that you had, or a perception that can help you to navigate more easily with the dilemma that is frustrating you in your current life?
  • In the guided meditation and visualization there was a banner flying behind the plane that asked… “If you could get admission ticket into a specific place or to see someone that you want access to that would make your heart sing…… who are those people, and places ?”
  • In the guided meditation and visualization there was a wheel of fortune and you are asked to spin the wheel.  As the wheel slowed down did you see a picture that perhaps reminded you of what you always wanted to bring into your life?
  • Thank you for taking the time to work on these questions.  I hope that you tap into your own intuitive guidance system and gain more clarity and freedom on your journey.  Until next time, Theresa.





Theresa Andersen

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